Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's my Turn..

Well, It's my turn now for an annoying questionaire thingy... Since I haven'treally thought of anything else to blog about... So here goes and I hope it doesn'tget too boring...

Piercings: 2 (left ear)
tattoos: no, not yet???
height: 5'9"
shoe size:10
hair color: brown
length: shaved
siblings:Kathy - 35

movie you rented: Kung Pow - freakin' hilarious!!!
movie you bought: Constantine (returned it when I noticed wasn't wide screen)
song you listened to: What about Now (Country Song)
song that was stuck in your head: I'm not as good as I once was -Toby Keith
CD you listened to: Declaration - Steven Curtis Chapman
Person you've called: a customer
Person that's called you: same customer

TV show you've watched: Overhaulin

person you were thinking of: Wifey

you have a bf or gf: yes, my wife
you have a crush on someone: huh???
you wish you could live somewhere else: Sometimes here... ====>
you think about suicide: Nope
you believe in on-line dating: I guess if it works for you.
others find you attractive: Hmmm... don't really notice.
you want more piercings: I promised my oldest daughter I'd get my ear pierced when she decides to pierce hers...
you drink:Occasionally
you do drugs:Nope
you smoke: Only when I'm on fire
you like cleaning: No way!!!
you like roller coasters: LOVE them
you write in cursive or print: Mostly Print
you carry a donor card: Nope, Will let my wife decide that If I pass

using someone: against
suicide: Against
killing people: There are times when it may be necessary, but for the most part Against
teenage smoking: Against
driving drunk: Absolutely Against

food: Sushi
song: too many to list
thing to do:Watch Football
thing to talk about: My family

sport: I thought I already covered this one... Football College and Pro
drinks: Sam Adams Summer Ale, Sam Adams Light, Coke, Chocolate
clothes: Jeans, T-Shirt, Boots
movies: Man with no name trilogy (Clint Eastwood)
holiday: Christmas
new nerdy saying: What's up,Yo? (not that new... guess I don't change that often)

ever cried over a guy/girl: Yep.
ever lied to someone: Sadly, yes.
ever been in a fist fight: yes, a few... and avoided a few more
ever been arrested: no, unless tickets count

of times I have had my heart broken? Once
of hearts I have broken? Hopefully none, but maybe a couple.
of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? I'd say 4 (Family not included)
of people I consider my enemies? None
of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? Don't know a numberbut a few times for things with school, or wedding announcements etc.
of scars on my body? Impossible to answer... I was an active kid.
of things in my past that I regret: A few...

funny: yes
friendly: I'd like to think so
amusing: From time to time
loveable: Yeah, once you get into the inner circle
pessimistic: Rarely
optimistic: Generally
caring: yes
sweet: on occasion
dorky: More and more every day!!!
Spell your first name backwards: kcirtaP
The story behind your user name: Child hood nickname, sung like the old Bat Man TV show theme...
Where do you live? Baton Rouge, LA
4 words that sum you up: deep, loving, complicated, devoted

Wallet: single fold, black leather and rather empty...
Hairbrush: HA!!! Hairbrush... me???
Toothbrush: Electric vibrate type
Jewelry worn daily:right now none... at times 2 earings and a wedding ring
Pillow cover: What ever color sheets my wife picked... I'm sure the color name ismore like rose or muave instead of a regular color name
Blanket: White Down filled Comforter
Sunglasses: Black with Black lenses
Shoes: Black Wing Tips
Handbag:Uh... not applicable
Favorite shirt: Button down, white with blue criss cross pattern... my wife picked it out
Hair: Shaved, except for my chin
Make up: uh... no!!!

In my mouth: my tongue
In my head: "This is taking too long."
Wishing: Classic Triumph Chopper/Bobber Motorcycle 1960-1975
Talking to: Myself, wondering why I decided to do this
Eating: nothing
Person you wish you could see right now: Baby#3 - Due in November
Is next to you: Laptop, Files, 2 empty tupperware dishes (don't tell my wife)
Something you're looking forward to in this up coming month: A good Paycheck
Something that you are deathly afraid of? A roach crawling on me in my sleep
Do you like candles: Vanilla!!!
Do you like hot wax: Nope
Do you like incense: Nah.
Do you believe in love: You bet!!
Do you believe in soul mates: Absolutely
Do you believe in love at first sight: Love is more than surface... so no
Do you believe in forgiveness: Absolutely
What do you want done with your body when you die: Doesn't really matter to me, so whatever brings comfort to those still here
Who is your worst enemy? Gotta be ME
If you could have any animal for a pet: Tiger (provided he'd be super sweet and wouldn't eat me or my family =) )
What is the latest you've ever stayed up: Approximately 56 hours
Ever been to England? nope
Can you eat with chopsticks: yep, sushi remember...
What are some of your favorite pig out foods? Chips and Salsa, Popcorn, Ice Cream

So there you have it... my first posted questionaire... please don't be bored and expect greatness in the future...


Blogger krysten said...

wow, Pat, what a great set of questions and answers!

lol. ;-)

although i have to say: country music=yuck, kung pow=yuck, sushi=yuck, watching football=yuck....

but right on with everything else. i particularly like the "piercing party" you have planned with your daughter. remember, NO piercing guns.....guns BAAAAD, needles GOOD! bring her up right. even if it means she has to look at some flash on the wall that is less than appropriate.

seeing a guy with tattoos on his face and plugs in his ears is better than giving her crush wounds with a filthy bloody "wiped down" gun. but hey, thats just me.

1:36 PM  
Blogger Pat Man said...

WOW... never thought about the piercing thing that way...

And thank you for the comments!!!


9:40 AM  
Blogger krysten said...

yeah, pretty much any self-respecting piercer or piercing studio will be more than happy to tell you how DISGUSTING those guns are. and they hurt like all get out! basically instead of having a razor sharp edge cutting the skin, it is essentially a blunt object crushing and splitting your skin. much more difficult to heal, more painful, and more likely to become infected due to the absolute inability to clean those guns (as opposed to a piercing studio where everything is SINGLE-USE and autoclaved), and the fact that a piercing heals better when you have some room around the jewelry for the skin to dont get that when a metal post ("pointy" or not) is just shoved through.

so there's my lecture. haha!

2:58 PM  
Anonymous handbag replica said...

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