Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Angels.. My Angels

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Oh My GOODNESS!!!! I just got these pictures from a friend of mine. They were taken on Easter Sunday after church. My Girls are Georgeous!!!! I don't know what I did to deserve

such beautiful girls. I adore them with all my heart. Right now I miss them tremendously. After Easter they went to Mobile with their Nana and Pop Poe to stay for the week. Lawren is the oldest... she'll be 6 in May and Sabina is 2yrs. 3 months. They are SO beautiful. I do worry about when they hit the age to start dating and such. I plan on being relentless with the boys that do come around.... I'll probably use a line from Bill Engvall on the Blue Comedy Comedy Tour... "Hey man you see that girl... She's my life... You remember, I've got no problem going BACK to Prison!" I hope that will work... I guess we'll see. As a back up I'm building my Gun and knife collection, so I can at least great them at the door with a firearm or sword, and if need be pepper their tailgate as they scream down the driveway running to safety... All kidding aside... To quote a "higher" source, I plan to "train them up in the way they should go and they will not depart from it." That's more comforting....

On another note... besides the beautiful pictures of my girls, Easter Sunday was a very special day for our exchange student from Hong Kong, Hoi Yuk Pang. Easter Sunday was her 18th birthday. She has been a Christian for about 4 years, but her parents are not believers. They had told her though, when she turned 18 she could do whatever she wanted, so she decided she wanted to be baptized. Wow! Truly, how often have you seen Easter Sunday comein March? And the fact that is was exactly her 18th Birthday, and she came to Baton Rouge, LA from Hong Kong to stay with our family and then has the opportunity to be baptized as she had always dreamed on her 18th birthday. Coincidence? I don't think so, Tim. Anyway this was a very special day for her and 6 others as they were baptized on a not so warm day in March, Easter Sunday 2005.

I had to put this picture up also, This is my Sabina with her Nana also Sabina. Too beautiful to keep to myself. So enjoy these pictures. I have them both in color also, but the black & white just seems so... elegant, like my girls...

Anyway, have a great day!


Tuesday, March 29, 2005


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By Robert Jordan
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Well, It's been a while since I've been here... for that I apologize. I do have an announcement.. Good news! We are going to have another baby!!! I'm hoping for a son this time, though I LOVE my daughters! I have a suspicion he may look like this picture here... we'll just have to see. LOL

Nice piercings and Tats!!

Let's see... things I've been thinking about lately...

For one... the new Bat Man. I can't wait for this thing to come. I've gotten back into comic books since I came back to Baton Rouge, and I'm collecting the Superman/Batman comic. Basically this is the Goodie Two Shoes (Superman) and the "Dark" superhero... From what I've seen about this movie they take BatMan back to the "darkness" he has had in the comics. You finally get to see his history and training and where all his gadgets come from. I think this will be the best BatMan movie we've seen. That is of course except for the original BatMan and Robin. Nothing can best those guys!!!! KAPOW!!! BOP!!! BASH!! CA-RASH!!!!

HHMM... So what else is on my mind...


This is one of the bast animated films I've ever seen!!! I love this flick! I like the mix of comedy, creative story, gadgets, characters and of course Super Heroes!! What more could you ask for? This file is awesome. My Mom bought the film and of course Lawren asked to "borrow" it. (As if it will ever be returned) and I have watched it 3 times. This is one "cartoon" I don't think I'll get tired of. At least not like Spirit or any of the other thousand movies we have. If you have not seen this film you must rent it and watch it... actually save your money from renting and go ahead and buy this flick. You will not be disappointed.

I love Fantasy novels, movies, stories, games. You name it... if it has a Fantasy back drop, I'm gonna love it. I've been playing a card game that has a fantasy back ground. I used to playit back in like 1998, but I played for a year or two then quit. Well, recently I've picked it back up and found that they have an online version of the game. So now I'm playing both. I've got a good friend of mine who also has begun to play (I take full responsibility in getting him hooked) and it has become a great past time and stress relief. If you dig this kind of thing... this is the game that Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh have all based their card game product off of... it is called Magic : The Gathering. If you don't like that sort of thing... then don't worry about it. Anyway, I've rattle on for WAY to long and I've got work to do and loans to close!!! Yee Haw!!! See you later...