Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Am I in His will?

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I am sitting here... pondering the future, and I find myself in a place that requires much faith. No we are not starving, no we're not going to lose the house or anything like that. We are not in "dire straights". But we do find ourselves having to adjust to an unstable income situation. Working on commission is just that... unstable. It brings on the temptation of returning to retail management where the pay, although really not equal to the work involved, is consistent and can be counted on... Let me be sure and say that this temptation is in no way even close to coming to fruition, but is merely a thought, not quite passing, but a thought none the less. What am I doing, you say? Well, I am a mortgage loan officer. I am working on building a list of contacts that can refer me business, such as realtors, etc. but that's just the issue, I am building that so my referrals are few and far between... rather inconsistant. This is what has me pondering tomorrow. Wondering what the future has for me. I do love the mortgage business. I love helping people realize that dream of owning a home. I really care about the people I serve... maybe even to a fault... I don't know. Anyway enough about that... I just needed to express my thoughts on this, so I'll move on...

I went by the Harley shop yesterday. I know, I know... I do not plan on buying one untill I can pay for it in cash, but I do enjoy looking at them. I must say I miss having the wind blow through my hair (LOL) as I ride through the curvy out of the way back roads to where ever I'm heading. I even miss riding in the rain on a cold day in December... lol... funny but true.

My oldest daughter is "playing" socceer this year. She is 5 years old and in Kindergarten, and I have the priviledge of coaching 12 Kindergarten and 1st grade kids in the "art" of soccer. I must say that I am really proud of these kids. They get better and better each week. At this age it is not about how many goals are scored or who wins, but about having fun and learning the game... with all that said and in mind... I must say that we are 3 and 1 ! There are only 8 games in the season for the kids, and I have all of the "extra" players if you know what I mean, and these kids are doing GREAT!!! My daughter is hysterical. When she first started playing she would run away from where the ball was on the field... last week she actually got in the crowd and kicked it a few times. If I could just get her to stop playing with her hair and stop flirting with a particular boy on the team, she just may get a few more kicks each game. Anyway, if you live here in town you should definently come out and watch them play. Our next game is this Saturday (actually it's a double header) at 11 and 12 at the CBPennington YMCA on old hammond Hwy inbetween Millerville and O'Neal Lane...

Anyway, I hope everyone has an incredible day!